Book Club - Cape Town Comedy Festival - Show


Born and raised in the Boland in the town Worcester; Shimmy Isaacs matriculated at age 17 and set her sights on the Mother City of Cape Town.

In 2003 Shimmy Isaacs is awarded a full scholarship from AFDA (African Film, Television and Live Performance University) where she was rewarded various accolades for performance in film and stage.

She obtained an International Certificate from acting school BLACK NEXXUS, NEW YORK, where she specialized in the Susan Batson Technique for film acting “THE NEED”.

In 2010 she produced her first One Woman Physical Theatre Comedy “Allie Pad Funny Worcester” directed by Rob van Vuuren at the Baxter Theatre Studio. “Allie Pad funny Worcester” earns Shimmy Isaacs the best Play and Act in a Solo performance

In 2012 Shimmy creates and produces two time national award winning production “HOWZIT MY BRA” which earned her the KKNK OUDSHOORN ART FESTIVAL and the KYKNET FIESTA AWARD for best actress in solo performance and best new comer for script.

Showbiz Reports ranked Shimmy the 7th funniest comedian and actress in South Africa’s top ten comedians of 2011.

Shimmy Isaacs has performed and work alongside South Africans beloved top Comedians, Mark Lottering, Kurt Schoonraadt, Tumi Morake, David Kau, Loyiso Gola, Mark Banks, and many more.